OTTO strives to ensure the highest quality of provided services
Providing services in the whole Europe, OTTO pays special attention to several aspects and quality assurance is on top of the list. We strive to ensure the highest quality of services for the benefit of our employees and customers. Our membership in many associations and obtained certificates underline our efforts to secure highest quality standards.

Employment Agency Certificate 2950
Certyfikat Agencji Zatrudnienia 2950 is granted by the Speaker of the voivodeship competent for the seat of the agency and it testifies that the agency operates legally.

Customer Friendly Company
“Firma Przyjazna Klientowi” is the only emblem in Poland which is granted on the basis of positive experiences and impartial customer satisfaction research. It is one of the most recognised distinctions awarded to companies in Poland. The emblem confirms the highest quality of services and what is the most valuable – it is our customers who decide who shall get it. In November 2012, OTTO received this prize for the first time.

Reliable Company
The certificate „Rzetelna Firma” is issued by KRD – Economic Information Bureau. It is a proof of credibility, transparency and payment reliability of the company.

Golden Certificate of Reliability
Golden Certificate of Reliability testify to integrity and solidity. By holding this certificate companies confirm not only their strong market position and advantage over direct competitors, but also their influence on the quality of the Polish economy.

The Ambassador of the Polish Economy
„Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki” is a competition under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, organised by the Business Center Club. Its aim is to honour entrepreneurs who are successful on international markets, advance good business practice in foreign relations, as well as strengthen co-operation between entrepreneurs and representatives of the Polish institutions responsible for the promotion of the Polish economy, culture and social initiatives. OTTO won this prize twice – in 2010 and 2012 – in the category “Partner Firm Zagranicznych” (Partner of Foreign Companies) and in 2014 in the category “Eksporter Usług” (Services Exporter).

European Medal
„Medal Europejski” is a prize awarded yearly by the Business Center Club in order to honour services which are distinguished by a particular quality and innovativeness. Services offered by OTTO are recognised in every edition of this competition. In 2010, the company was awarded Medal Europejski for the payroll service, in 2011 for recruitment and selection and in 2012 for the service “Employees from Ukraine”.

Leader of Human Resources Management
This title is granted by the Insti­tute of Labour and Social Stud­ies – IPiSS. Its aim is to promote companies striving at constant improvement of the quality of human capital and perfecting strategies of human capital management. OTTO won this prize in 2011.