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We have everything under control and you are in safe hands!
OTTO Group is an expert in the field of integrated personnel consulting. Since fifteen years we have been optimizing HR processes, acting as intermediary in hiring staff on a European scale and conducting advanced recruitment processes. We offer solutions which support employment flexibility and HR process management in an enterprise, as well as many other services provided by our specialised agencies.

Why choose OTTO?
To make business easier. As an employer, you are looking for a professional business partner who would guarantee convenience, take over a part of your responsibilities and be reliable. In short – a partner who has everything under control and safeguards your interests. OTTO offers many solutions in the field of human resources management with one single goal, that is to increase operational efficiency and thus competitiveness of a company.

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How we work

Why choose OTTO Polska? It is simple – to make business easier.


OTTO Group is an expert in the field of integrated human resources solutions.


OTTO strives to ensure the highest quality of provided services.