How we work

OTTO’s working method: Everything under control, respect for each other!
Why choose OTTO Polska? It is simple – to make business easier. As an employer, you are looking for a professional business partner who would guarantee convenience, take over a part of your responsibilities and be reliable. In short – a partner who has everything under control. A well-organised company policy, taking into account individual needs of others, is for OTTO a synonym of services package, learning opportunities and added value. Conclusion? We have everything under control and you are in safe hands!

Our working method

OTTO assesses your needs together with you
Together with you OTTO makes an assessment of your needs. We analyse the function and competence profiles, as well as aspects which are the most important to you as an employer. The core values of your company are of core importance to us. Upon your request we can draft a brochure dedicated to your prospective personnel – a selection of all relevant information on professional duties and your company. This document may, if necessary, be available in several languages understood by our employees.


OTTO perfectly matches your needs with our employees
After your needs have been jointly identified, we will pass your order to one of our recruitment offices in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary. We call the recruitment and selection process matching, as it consists in an ideal pairing of your needs in terms of personnel and our employees’ profiles in order to make the best selection possible.

Testing methods
We apply several unique testing methods in the selection process. The test phase is followed by a preliminary recruitment interview, during which we put stress on the candidate’s professional experience and education. The candidate’s motivation, as well as the first impression made are essential for us.

A perfect match
Registering candidate in the CRM and planning systems is the last stage of the recruitment and selection process. We take record of unique competences of a given employee what allows us (through our electronic systems) create a perfect match between your needs and our candidates’ profiles.


OTTO’S Account Managers are at your service!
Prior to commencement of work at your company, our employees undergo a special introduction process. Our Account Managers are in charge of the initial phase of co-operation with a new customer and/or the introduction of new employees to your company. As employer, you can ask for the assistance of our Account Managers, who simultaneously play the role of contact persons for our employees working at your company. The scope of responsibilities of Account Managers include a. o. providing employees with all necessary information, introducing them to their duties, managing their work and monitoring its results, as well as exploring opportunities to optimize these processes. Account Managers are at your disposal 24 hours a day. For customers with a variable or significant personnel demand we can offer a solution called the OnSite Service – upon request we can place our Account Manager at your premises on a permanent basis.

Planning and Human Capital Management

OTTO applies state-of-the-art planning tools
OTTO’s Account Manager is your first contact person and he/she will plan work rosters together with you. But we are not short-sighted when it comes to the planning process. Long-term forecasting plays a major role at our company and that is why we are able to provide you with sufficient human capital also in the long run. A proper forecast allows us determine, in due advance, whether it is necessary to hire an additional pool of employees and/or to retrain the current ones. The qualitative and quantitative control of groups of employees working at your company is of utmost importance to us in terms of human capital management. Work rosters are drafted by means of the state-of-the-art planning system.

Quality Assurance

OTTO guarantees the quality of its services
OTTO stands for the highest quality of service. Not without reasons we hold certificates and testimonials proving compliance with the highest quality norms in numerous countries. We ensure the first-rate standards of partnership with our customers in several ways:

  • Formulating agreements on the quality of provided services, specifying clear objectives;
    • Determining the communication scheme;
    • Carrying out the employee appraisal;
    • Focusing on continuous employee development;
    • Simplifying administration;
    • Developing a clear claim procedure.

More information
If you would like to learn more about the opportunities offered by OTTO to its customers, please contact us.