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OTTO Group is an expert in the field of integrated human resources solutions. Since fifteen years we have been optimizing HR processes, acting as intermediary in hiring staff on a European scale and conducting advanced recruitment processes.  We offer solutions which support employment flexibility and HR process management in an enterprise, as well as many other services provided by our specialised agencies.

Temporary work

This service consists in recruitment and hiring of employees by OTTO (based on the Temporary Employment Act) and seconding them to work in your company. This globally applied solution has a wide range of advantages which affect costs reduction and employment flexibility. It is practical both in case of holiday replacements, as well as seasonal production or sales peaks. company.

Personnel Consulting

The OTTO group’s dedicated team of specialists, under the brand name OTTO HR Solutions, offers complex advisory services on innovative HR solutions in the following areas: 1) Recruitment and selection of specialists and experts (both full and direct search) – Poland and abroad 2) Assessment Center / Development Center 3) Personnel outsourcing

Employees form the East

Via our recruitment offices located in Lvov and Tarnopol we act as intermediary in hiring employees from the East of Europe, mainly from Ukraine. We take care of all the formalities; starting from finding a proper candidate or a group of applicants, to transportation, accommodation and translator’s support.


Outsourcing consists in detaching selected areas from the organisational structure and transferring them for execution by other entities. Outsourcing of personnel and production processes provides the employer with flexible possibilities of personnel management within the company.


Calculating remuneration requires a team of qualified specialists, as well as a reliable personnel administration and payroll system. This process is burdened with error what can result in fines for the company. Transferring this task to an experienced external partner, having experts at its disposal, guarantees risk minimisation, timeliness of calculations, confidentiality, but above all – cost-cutting.

OnSite Services

In case you employ large groups of temporary workforce, we can offer the „OnSite service” which shall allow us participate in your production planning. We will fill in sudden demand increases with our resources what ensures an optimal composition of the employees’ pool and production continuity, as well as cost reduction and process improvement.

Mother Replacement

We offer the service called Mother Replacement – the first solution of its kind in Poland. It helps working mothers and employers sort out, in a subtle manner, the absence caused by a prolonged maternity leave. A good employer looks for methods which help him ensure employment and operational continuity, simultaneously guaranteeing the sense of security of employees.

Selling financial products

The dedicated brand of the OTTO group, OTTO Finance, offers customers from the banking and insurance sectors the sale of their financial products via dedicated and task-oriented sales teams.