Employees from the East

Many companies in Poland encounter difficulties with finding employees domestically and this refers not only to specialists. OTTO responds to the needs of employers and attracts workforce from abroad, mainly from Ukraine. Geographical vicinity and cultural closeness, combined with a high motivation to work abroad make employees from Ukraine extremely valuable for the Polish labour market.



Selected features of the service:

  • We act as intermediary in employing workforce from Ukraine at all ranks and levels of expertise, starting from production employees to middle and senior level specialists,
  • We provide consulting on hiring employees from Ukraine,
  • We obtain necessary documents and permits required for legal employment in Poland,
  • We co-ordinate employees’ arrival in Poland,
  • We offer help in finding accommodation and preparing candidates to take up employment,
  • We ensure the presence of a Ukrainian speaking mentor,
  • We offer advise in the field of intercultural management.

Why is it worth to hire employees from Ukraine?

  • Access to specialists who are difficult to find on a domestic labour market,
  • Employees’ high motivation to work and limited fluctuation,
  • Language and cultural closeness,
  • We handle all formalities connected to employment of foreigners.

By offering the possibility of employment on the basis of temporary work or outsourcing, we eliminate fixed costs of employment.

Please contact us to learn more about hiring employees from the East sales@ottopraca.pl.