Mother Replacement

Ensure employment continuity and sense of security for your employees

We offer the service called Mother Replacement – the first solution of its kind in Poland. It helps working mothers and employers sort out, in a subtle manner, the absence caused by a prolonged maternity leave.

A good employer looks for methods which help him ensure employment and operational continuity, simultaneously guaranteeing the sense of security of employees.

What is the Mother Replacement service?

What is the MOTHER RePLACEMENT service?
OTTO Polska acts as intermediary in hiring employees in other companies. These persons are formally employed by OTTO, but they perform duties at the location of and for the benefit of a given company. Employment on the basis of MOTHER RePLACEMENT follows the same principle. Yet, there are few very important exceptions.

What are the benefits for the young mother?

  • Right to take part in recruitment of the person who will fulfil her duties during the leave,
  • Right to meet the replacement employee who, in turn, is obliged to provide her with contact details, inform on performed activities and pass on news on the company’s life,
  • The employer cannot hire the replacing person for the same post (relevant clause in the agreement)

And what are the benefits for the employer?

  • Professional recruitment of an employee who will duly perform his duties during the absence caused by a maternity leave,
  • Employment continuity: even if the employee quits his/her job during the term of the agreement, we will find a new candidate immediately,
  • The feeling that he cares for employees who do not suffer unnecessary stress during pregnancy and after the childbirth,
  • A positive image of a good employer,
  • The employer is relieved of personnel administration and payroll duties. Formally the employee is hired by OTTO, so the agency takes over administrative obligations towards the employee,
  • Any form of employment: outsourcing, employment agreement, temporary work contract, civil-law agreement.
  • The emblem “Dbamy o mamy” (We care for mothers).

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