OnSite Services

OnSite Services – A flexible partner located in your company
An employment agency plays a vital role in case of regular employment of large groups of temporary workforce or a variable demand for temporary personnel. In case you hire large groups of temporary employees, you may choose for ensuring the continuous presence of the agency representative at your premises. Otto shall then offer our “OnSite Services”.


Your needs come first

Your needs come first
If we are granted a permanent location at your company, we will get the share in planning of your production, and you – employees necessary to carry it out. We will develop short and long-term prognoses together and OTTO will balance sudden rises in demand with our resources. If necessary, we are able to increase or reduce the number of employees still on the same day – all in line with your wishes. This way you receive a tailor-made service every day, what ensures production continuity and optimal performance. Cost-cutting and process improvement will be for you just frosting on the cake. We are the partner who is one step ahead!


  • Optimising employment volume,
  • Reducing fluctuation among temporary personnel,
  • Help in employment planning.

Please contact us to learn more about OnSite Servicessales@ottopraca.pl.