Calculating remuneration requires a team of qualified specialists and a reliable personnel administration and payroll system. This process is burdened with error what can result in fines for the company.

Transferring this task to an experienced external partner, having experts at its disposal, guarantees risk minimisation, timeliness of calculations, confidentiality, but above all – cost-cutting.



The scope of services offered by OTTO Polska covers a. o.:

  • Calculation of remuneration in compliance with current legal provisions and internal regulations of the customer,
  • Comprehensive management of personnel files (employees’ dossiers),
  • Preparing and submitting all required applications and legal documents, which serve to update the present employment level (forms of the Polish Social Insurance Institution ZUS: ZUA for registration and ZWUA for deregistration of employees, the Polish Labour Inspection PIP, etc.),
  • Full tax declaration service,
  • Establishing entitlement to social insurance benefits,
  • Drafting necessary reports on remuneration,
  • Drafting and settling all kinds of employment and civil-law agreements,
  • Timesheets processing,
  • reparing and submitting PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons) declarations.



  • Access to our extensive practical knowledge of tax laws and the Labour Code,
  • Timely and faultless settlement of obligations towards employees and state institutions,
  • Unfailing quality of services at a constantly high level,
  • Increasing employees’ productivity who can focus on developing their key competences,
  • Flawless fulfilment of entrusted tasks,
  • Eliminating inspections from authorities and raising the morale of employees,
  • Confidentiality and data security.

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