Temporary work

The service consists in recruitment and hiring of employees by OTTO (based on the Temporary Employment Act) and seconding them to work in your company. This globally applied solution has a variety of advantages which affect costs reduction and employment flexibility. It is practical both in case of holiday replacements, as well as seasonal production or sales peaks.

When to apply temporary work

When to apply temporary work

  • Production peak periods,
  • Replacement of a permanent employee,
  • Tasks causing considerable rotation of employees,
  • Occasional promotional actions,
  • Probation period while hiring a candidate for a permanent post,
  • Specific tasks connected with constant fluctuations of the employment level,
  • Execution of unusual tasks which are not related to the company’s profile.


  • Cost-cutting owed to transforming fixed personnel expenses in variable ones
  • Adjusting employment volume to present needs
  • Attractive conditions of contract conclusion and termination
  • Eliminating expenditures on recruitment and employment administration
  • Opportunity to test an employee prior to offering permanent co-operation
  • Staffing at the client’s comprises only ‘own’ employees
  • OTTO is able to conclude unlimited number of fixed-term contracts
  • OTTO takes over the issues of absenteeism, sickness or leave of an employee
  • OTTO takes over the responsibility and costs related to filing the dossier of a temporary employee
  • Access to a database of qualified employees, ready to  take up temporary employment on the spot
  • Surveys providing valuable information on the quality of services and employee satisfaction

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